Hole #1

The tee shot is tight, with fairway bunkers on the left.
You will find our orchard to the right with mature Oak Elm Trees on the left. Once you get to the elevated green which is guarded by bunkers left and right, you face a severely sloped green from back to front.
Make a Par 4 and you're off!

Hole #2

This 600 yard monster is our number one handicap hole!
An elevated tee shot is your first challenge. Brownsville Road is on the left, with our famous orchard on the right. Two long strokes finds you across the road near the entrance to the Club. Bunkers left and right challenge your approach and the green features a "shelf" on the back left side.

Hole #3

This relatively short hole features a right to left sloping fairway, guarded by bunkers left and right. Your approach shot is to a severely undulating green, with bunkers left and right. This hole plays much tougher than it looks!

Hole #4

Number 4 is the first of our Par Threes.
This hole plays downhill to a huge green, surrounded by bunkers. Once on this green, the adventure is just starting.Sloped back to front, the only level putt is on the shelf on the rear of the green.
A par is a great score!

Hole #5

Looking down the fairway, you see out-of-bounds and a fairway bunker on the left. Mature Oak Trees make bailing out to the right no bargain. Your second shot plays downhill to a large green guarded by bunkers on the left and right.
Negotiate the swail on the left side and you're in good shape!

Hole #6

This uphill par four features a right to left sloping tee shot, relatively open. Your second shot plays up hill to a back to front sloping green. Be sure to take an extra club to get it there.
Knock your birdie putt in the hole!

Hole #7

This difficult par three plays slightly downhill.
Errant shots left or right will catch a bunker if you lucky. Miss the bunkers and you will be punching your next shot out from mature Oaks or Sycamore trees.
A par or bogey is never a bad score!

Hole #8

This dogleg left is a difficult driving hole.
A fairway bunker guards the dogleg, and out-of-bounds on the left. Mature Oak trees are on the right. The green is very difficult, featuring a swale in the middle.
A front right pin placement is the most difficult.

Hole #9

This is a challenging par five hole.
Your tee shot is compounded by out-of-bounds on the left. Oak trees guard the right and left sides. Your approach to the green is challenged by a stone wall with a creek running in front, flowing into a small lake on the left side.
A pulled approach shot finds "Fischetti Falls" on the left.

Hole #10

This is the second of our back to back par fives.
Out of bounds on the left with bunkers left and right. Longer hitters might go for it with two shots, but once you reach the slopped green - please stay below the hole!

Hole #11

This hole is framed with Sycamore trees on the left and Oak trees on the right. The fairway slopes left to right. The slightly downhill second shot should be kept left to avoid a lake below the right of the green.

Hole #12

This is our shortest par three at 130 yards. The large green is guarded by large bunkers on the left and right.

Hole #13

Our par four thirteenth fairway slopes left to right with trees on both sides. A straight tee shot leaves you a short iron shot to an elevated, undulating green. Par is a good score because of many brutal pin placements.

Hole #14

This hole runs parallel to #13.
Trees on the right, trees, a fairway bunker and a creek on the left make you pay for an errant tee shot. The green runs away from you making a high, soft second shot imperative!

Hole #15

The last of our par three holes plays 200 yards uphill with trees left and right. The green is guarded by a bunker on the left side allowing the player to "run it up the alley" on the narrow right side.
Par is never a bad score on our three pars!

Hole #16

Bunkers Left and right guard the short sixteenth. Hit a straight tee shot and you might start thinking "birdie". "Bunkers surround this huge green.

Hole #17

South Hills country Club has two great finishing holes. This very difficult, uphill, par four begins with bunkers on both sides of the fairway. A good tee shot leaves the player with a difficult uphill second shot to sloping right to left green. Just hope the "pin cutter" wasn't in a bad mood!

Hole #18

Our "signature "hole.
The panoramic view from the tee says it all! Downhill tee shot, bunkers left and right - awesome! A good tee shot leaves the average player a long, uphill, second shot. The green slopes back to front, surrounded by three bunkers. If you are unfortunate enough to be above the pin, many players have had to go back to their cart for a wedge, as their ball rolled off the green, so, at all cost, stay below the pin.